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First Alert SA511B BRK Wireless Interconnect Battery Smoke Alarm with Voice

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Wireless Interconnect Battery Operated Smoke Alarm w/ Voice Location

The First Alert Wireless Interconnected Smoke Alarm with Voice and Location detects smoke levels and can work with compatible models to create a wireless alert system throughout your home. This wireless-enabled battery-operated detector alerts you by using audible signals including a loud 85-decibel siren and that studies have shown to wake up children better than standard alarms. Wireless Interconnected technology allows other compatible First Alert wireless-enabled alarms located in separate areas of your home to communicate with each other, alerting you to a problem even when it's on another floor. This photoelectric smoke alarm includes tamper resistant locking pins that lock the detector to the mounting bracket and battery drawer to prevent removal of the alarm.

Can Be Connected with Compatible Alarms for Enhanced Safety

The First Alert SA511B Smoke Detector can be connected with multiple alarms around your home or office to create a safety network of detection (additional alarms sold separately). Compatible wireless alarms can communicate with each other through a radio frequency, so when one alarm sounds, all of them sound. Earlier notification of danger means you can avoid dangerous smoke levels sooner.

Battery-Operated Alarm Installs Easily

The battery-operated wireless interconnected smoke detector requires no wiring and no electrician to install. Simply put two AA batteries into the detector and mount it on any wall or ceiling. A low-battery light and chirp will let you know when the batteries need to be replaced. A one-touch button silences false alarms and allows you to test the smoke alarm for functionality.

Photoelectric Smoke Sensing

This smoke alarm uses a photoelectric smoke sensing sensor that provides optimal protection from smoldering fires. Photoelectric smoke alarms also reduce the likelihood of false alarms like those caused from cooking fires and shower steam from sounding.


First Alert Wireless Interconnect Battery Operated Smoke Alarm With Voice Location can be preprogrammed with the following locations:

  • Basement
  • Kitchen
  • Child’s Bedroom
  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Master Bedroom
  • Family Room
  • No Location
  • Guest Bedroom
  • Office
  • Hallway
  • Utility Room


  • Wireless interconnectivity - reliable and secure radio frequency communication between alarms.
  • Talking alarm with voice location - when programmed, a voice will tell you the location of the unit where smoke is detected.
  • Mesh network communication - 2-way communication format that sends, receives and re-sends the alarm signals providing a more reliable network.
  • Photoelectric smoke sensing technology provides optimal protection from smoldering fires. It also reduces false alarms like those caused by cooking fires and shower steam.
  • Tamper resistant - locks alarm to mounting bracket to prevent removal of battery and/or alarm. Perfect for apartment, dormitory or hotel applications.
  • Test/Silence: Electronically simulates smoke condition, causing the unit to alarm. Press and hold test/silence button.
  • Spread Spectrum Horn Tone - Lower and varying frequency makes it easier for the elderly with normal aged related hearing loss to hear the horn.
  • Optional theft-prevention lock, when activated, batteries and/or alarm cannot be removed without proper tools.
  • Latching Features: Alarm Latch - remembers which unit initiated an alarm. Low Battery Latch: Visually identifies unit in low battery condition.
  • Eco-friendly, completely recyclable as an electronic device.
  • Operating Voltage: 3V (Two 1.5V AA) Battery Powered
  • Power Source: 2AA batteries included.
  • Audio Alarm: 85dB at 10 ft.
  • Voice Output: Choice of 11 pre-programmed locations
  • Smoke Sensor: Photoelectric
  • Interconnections: Up to 18 units, RF or hardwired (needs SA521CN-3ST or SA520B Bridge Unit), with smoke, carbon monoxide, heat alarms and relays. Maximum 12 smoke alarms.
  • Listing: Listed to UL217 Standard
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • Product Weight: 8.3 oz
  • Proudct Dimensions: 5.0 Dia. x 2.0 H in.


UPC: 029054002921

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