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First Alert CO400B Carbon Monoxide Alarm Battery Operated - BRK boxed version

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The First Alert CO400B is a battery-powered carbon monoxide alarm that is designed around the main attraction to be portable. You can install the portable device anywhere in your home because it has no cords, meaning it does not need to be plugged in.The compact design of the First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detector CO400B allows you to easily hide the detector in any room and any location without it being an eye sore. When the device is hidden, it runs on batteries and protects you from hazardous carbon monoxide. This system also contains a test and silence button so you can always easily test the device to make sure it is working properly.
The First Alert CO400B is a simple yet effective device that can save you from the hidden dangers of carbon monoxide. The slim design allows you to hide the device anywhere. Every home needs a reliable carbon monoxide detector.


Electrochemical Carbon Monoxide Sensor - the most accurate sensor available as compared to other sensing technologies
Front-access battery compartment - allows easy battery replacement
Single Button Test/Silence
Two silence features - can silence the low-battery chirp for up to eight hours or temporarily silence an unwanted nuisance alarm
End of Life Signal provides audible notification alarms needs to be replaced
7-Year Limited Warranty
Model # CO400B
Weight 5.5 oz
Dimension 3.3"H x 4.8"L x 1.5"D
Operating Voltage One 9V Alkaline Battery Temperature Range 40°F (4°C) to 100°F (38°C)
Humidity Range 10% to 90% relative humidity (RH)
Audio Alarm 85dB at 10 feet
Test/Silence Electronically simulates CO conditions, causing the unit to alarm or temporarily silence the alarm
Alarm Reset Automatic when CO clears
CO Sensor Electrochemical
Indicator Lights/Sounds
DC Power: Intermittent red Light
CO Alarm: Audio Alarm (4 beeps, pause, 4 beeps), rapidly flashing red light
Listing Listed to UL 2034 Standard

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